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Here you can find information how to find a new job. It does not matter if you are just out of school or had a job for many years and now want to try something new. We have advice for everyone. You can find a CV-guide, tips on how to prepare for your interview. We also have a list of questions that can be asked on the interview, what you should think of if you want to work abroad and much more.

What you find here?

· Recruiters - You will find a long list of reqruiters and employers.
· Work abroad - You will find a list of the official work sites for many countries. There is also links to different season, offshore and cruisejobs plus much more.
· Interview Tips - You fill find useful tips on what to do before, during and after an interview. You also find a long list of questions that can be asked during the interview that you can prepare for.
· CV-Guide - You will find tips on how to improve your CV and your personal letter.