Curriculum Vitae Guide

You will find advice on how to make your Curriculum Vitae better and yourself more attractive on the jobmarket. The CV must include a summary of your educational and academic background, as well as professional experience, awards, and other details.

CV Guidelines

You need the following things in your CV:
• Education: What and where you have studied. Write a short notice about what was included in the education.
• Professional experience: Where and with what have you worked? Start with the latest. Describe how you have and how you can use your experience and knowledge.
• Personal Presentation: Describe that you are a good and competent person that can add something to the company. Write about your language skills and technological skills. Also write about other abilities that you want them to know about.
The personal presentation is one of the most important parts of your CV.

Personal letter

Start to write why you seek the job and tell them why YOU are the right person for them.
Write in I-terms, but dont start everything with "I".
Write about what you have learned from your previous jobs and educations, but dont repeat your whole CV.
Dont write a too long letter. One page is enough! You can talk about yourself on the interview.
Write something about your private life, familysituation and interests. Also write that you want to tell them more about you during the interview.


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